Our selection of Velux Blinds

Velux Blinds

Specifically designed for Velux® roof windows, Velux® blinds offer the very best in light and energy control.

Internal blinds are available as Roller (RFL), Blackout (DKL), Pleated (FHL), Venetian (PAL), or Energy (FHC) with an extensive range of colours, textures and styles available for each. External awnings (MAL) are also available to reduce the heat effect of the sun by up to 90%.

Blackout (DKL) blinds offer an almost 100% blackout effect, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms. All blackout fabrics come backed with aluminium foil, which helps reflect heat in the summer whilst also retaining heat during the winter.

Roller (RFL) blinds are designed to offer basic privacy, whilst allowing natural light to filter through.

Pleated (FHL) blinds are a versatile blind with a translucent fabric offering basic privacy, whilst allowing natural light to diffuse through. This unique blind is not anchored at any point, and so can be operated from either the top or the bottom allowing almost limitless flexibility.

Venetian (PAL) blinds are a practical shading solution allowing you to determine the amount and direction of light entering the room, whilst offering complete privacy.

Energy (FHC) blinds are a blind made using a honeycomb blackout pleated material. The fabrics help improve insulation and the blind is not anchored at any point allowing highly flexible movement.

All blinds are based on the same quality and design as their market-leading windows and come with no loose cords or loops making them completely child safe. For our of reach situations, blinds can be supplied with an ergonomically designed pole to operate your blinds. Alternatively most blinds are available with a solar powered motor controlled via a remote control.

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