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Child Safety

We take the safety of children seriously which is why all our blinds conform to the latest regulations.

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It’s important to make it safe.

Child safety is our utmost priority here at Brighton Sunblinds. We comply with all the necessary safety regulations as per the requirement of BS EN 13120, this covers the manufacture, supply, and installation of all our blinds so you can rest assured your home is safe.  

The Make It Safe campaign began in 2014, to ensure new regulations were enacted concerning the safety of blinds manufacturing. This largely concerned the replacement of loose cords, which could cause young children or vulnerable people accidental harm. 

We’re proud to be a part of the Make It Safe campaign, which promotes blind safety in all homes, and other public buildings and environments where children may be present. 

In addition to closely following their safety regulations, we also supply our customers with all the best and most up-to-date safety advice and legislation news, to ensure that  

From our cordless to motorised blinds, we have reliable, safe products to install in your home  

Blinds safe for children.

We ensure our blinds adhere to the strictest standards of safety by including a range of child-safe mechanisms with every product. We have completely removed loose, looped cords and have replaced them with a wide range of alternative options: 

Cordless blinds

In our pursuit of strict safety measures, we introduced cordless blinds into our range. 

 These blinds are operated entirely by hand, removing any need for dangling cords.

Motorised blinds

Cordless, these blinds are contactless in operation. The simple push of a button will raise and lower your blinds to meet your needs.

Shop our range of motorised blinds today. 

Cord lock-away

A single, solid wand is used to conceal and ‘lock away’ the cord. The blind can be operated by twisting or pushing the wand.

Tensioned cord

Safer in design, this device always keeps the cord taut, removing any opportunity for the cord to dangle loosely.

Gear box

A gearbox removes the cord entirely and replaces it with a crank or handle. Simply turn the handle to raise or lower your blinds for a safer and more efficient addition to your home.

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    As per usual Brighton Sunblinds have provided the required product up to their usual immaculate standard. And the fitting was completed to the usual standard with no stress or disruption. I would recommend this company for their service and commitment to their customers. Very impressed.

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